Freeze-Dry Process

Freeze-drying is a process where frozen fruits are placed in a refrigerated vacuum chamber where the fruit is dehydrated – the ice is sublimated into water vapor and is extracted. During the freeze-drying process the cell structure of the fruit remains intact and the fruit retains its natural nutritional values, color, flavor, odors, and it re-hydrates better, than in other drying methods.

Why Fruttata

Fruttata is here to give consumers a new guilt free option for snacking. Our low calorie snacks are made from the very best fruits in the world, and as a result, become a must have snack in anyone's busy lifestyle. Our freeze-dried fruits retain all the original nutirients, as if it was fresh from the tree! Look for our light & crispy snacks in stores near you.


Fruttata strives for excellence and looks for the best fruit sources around the world. Fruttata and our partners have been certified by organizations with the highest standards in the world.